Imlie Star Plus Drama Serial Written Story Wiki: Check out Tv Show Cast, Timings, Real Name, Age, TRP & More

Imlie is a Star Plus Serial presented by Desi serial Live only.

The audience is all set to like the chemistry between ♥♥Imlie and Atharva.♥

♦♦♦◊These days the drama series story is focusing on the problems between Imlie and Atharva and how Chini wants to take revenge & ruin life of them to seek revenge♦♦♦.

♣But the audience loves the ongoing Drama, chemistry, and Romance between both of them. Fans have tagged them (Sumbul Khan & Fahmaan khan) as one of the most iconic couples on the screen.

Imlie is a Hindi Desi Serial presented on Apne TV online daily.

Imlie (इमली) drama serial is a Hindi- Indian dialect drama serial that broadcasted on StarPlus and Disney+Hotstar, on 16th November 2022-Present. The show casts Big Boss 16 contestants Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patni’s Famous Actor Fahmaan Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Mayuri Deshmukh. It is a loose adaptation of Ishti Kutum which is basically a Bengali series and also broadcasted on Desi Serial tv daily. And as Fahmaan khan & Sumbul Touqeer’s children… Seerat Kapoor, Megha Chakraborty, and Karan Vohra are playing their 2nd generation’s roles in the drama serial Imlie.  

Imlie Drama Serial Plot/Story:

Imlie is a Hindi Desi Serial presented on Apne TV online daily.
Imlie is a Hindi Desi Serial presented on Apne TV online daily.

 Sumbul Touqeer Khan is playing the role of Imlie, who is 18 years old, uneducated, and bold…The village girl goes through a lot of troubles and problems in her life. Imlie belongs to Pagdandia Village of Ballia in Uttar Pradesh. Her real father is Dev Chaturvedi who leaves her mother Meethi after one night stand and impregnates her with his baby. And Meethi gets support from Satyakam in this matter. Because Dev wasn’t there to get married according to the rule of the village that those couples who spend a night together will have to get married. And Satyakam who was at that time fighting for the rights of his village turns out to be a father figure for Imlie. Satyakam is a rebel farmer in Pagdandia village and speaks for the right. While her real father Dev is a businessman who came to Meethi village for work purposes Imlie is grown up and meets Aditya.

Gashmeer Mahajani who is playing the role of Aditya Kumar Tripathi, also known as ‘Adi’ is a famous Bhaskar Times Journalist who lives in Delhi. Adi comes to Imlie’s village for her father Satyakam’s interview because of his bold actions and popularity as a rebellion in the his interview with Aditya he declares that he is not a rebel but a revolutionist who wants to bring change in this so-called typical cruel society. Satyakam asks imlie to guide Adi’ in the village and during their work process weather plays a symbolic role. Due to the thunderstorms and the heavy rain, Imlie and Adi had to stay in a hut unknowingly they will be punished and blamed for this act which they haven’t done. In the morning Imlie and Adi are blamed for a nightstand and Adi to threatened with death. Well, Adi is ready to face his punishment but is not willing to marry Imlie because of false blames. And he has got another reason for not doing that too because he is completely in love with Malini Chaturvedi for 7 years.    

Mayuri Deshmukh is playing the character of Malini Chaturvedi who is Dev Chaturvedi’s daughter… now We understand where the story is leading us all 😀  Imlie is also Dev’s abandoned daughter and in that case, Adi’s fiance Malini is her sister. And Fate is deciding to bring the past in front of everyone. 

 Well in the last episodes of Drama serial Imlie, Aditya is ready to die but imlie saves him by agreeing on getting married to him. And both are forcefully married to each other. Imlie comes to Delhi with Aditya and they decide to present her as his maid in the house. Despite her relationship with Adi, she gets humiliated, rebuked, and teased for her appearance and acts but she sticks to her beliefs and cares about her husband’s life and reputation. Slowly the family starts liking Imlie but the secret is not yet exposed.

Imlie marries Aditya: Star Plus

However, Malini and Adi are getting married and he discloses the truth which makes her upset for a time but they get married. Adi decides to leave Imlie but when he understands her nature and her aims he feels bad for his actions and misbehavior with her. And realizes that he loves imlie, not Malini. Malini is heartbroken and angry on Imlie and Malini’s mother also tortures imlie for coming into their life. At his (Adi) visit in Pagdandia, he gets to know about Imlie and Malini are blood sisters. But the truth is exposed in front of Malini when she comes to the village by hiding her identity as Kalpana.  

Soon the couple reunites and accepts their love for each other but imlie is still not accepted by the Tripathi family for being an illegitimate child. Adi out of love started supporting his wife, in front of family, society, in education, etc, and helped Imlie build her identity as an educated woman. After knowing the truth, Malini has accepted imlie and her relationship with aditya but as the passes, she couldn’t bear seeing them happy together and with Anu, she plans a suicide drama so she can get Adi back from her sister. Well, her tricks worked for some time but Imlie with her smartness brings the truth in front of Adi and unveils Malini’s evil intentions.  

As a trust bond, Both Adi and Imlie lack trust relation. Imlie has tried all the time to open his eyes to the truth but he never believed in her. And this time Malini and her mom Anu’s plan of making an intimate video of Adi and Malini, has worked. Imlie and Adi know the truth but Malini’s pregnancy makes them apart, imlie decides to leave Adi for the child’s sake. 

As a final stroke, Imlie’s insecurities increases, Malini also frames her for an attempt to kill her but her father Satyakam plays his role as a father and takes all the blame on him. This time imlie hoped that Adi will believe in her not on his ex-wife Malini but he never changes and questions Imlie’s loyalty towards him. Out of anger imlie breaks her relationship with Adi, removes her sindoor, burns her mangal sutra (Nuptial chain), and leaves her home over self-respect. 

Imlie and Aryan Love Story:

Sumbul Touqeer Khan Fahmaan Khan, Imlie Aryan love story, Watch Marriage and dailyEpisodes only on Yo Desi Serials.
Sumbul Touqeer Khan Fahmaan Khan, Imlie Aryan love story, Watch Marriage and daily episodes only on Yo Desi Serials.

A few days later of their separation, another famous character has been welcomed in the drama imlie. And with twists and turns show has earned a huge amount of fan following and a top TRP rating. Imlie is a very famous Hindi drama serial and all the episodes are presented daily on desiserials

The show is all set every time to bring a new twist and storyline to surprise the audience. Fahmaan Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore makes his entry in the drama serial. He is a great businessman and the CEO of Bhaskar Times is after Aditya. He believes Aditya is responsible for his brother-in-law’s death and seeks for revenge. Imlie is educated and passionate now and Adi offers her a job which she refuses to accept and joins Aryan’s company. 

Although, Aryan’s behavior is rude towards imlie but as he spends time with her, he starts liking her for her joy and ambitious nature. Aryan and Imlie’s relationship is misunderstood by Aditya and he divorces Imlie believing that imlie wants separation.  And announces his marriage to Malini to hurt Imlie. 

Eventually, a lot has happened in the serial, imlie gets married to Aryan, falls in love with him, and helps him to get over his scarred past. Aryan brings imlie and her mother together again After a lot of turns of events in the show, Aryan and imlie’s love story begins and imlie gets pregnant and both share wows of love and promises to be together always and trust on each other. Unfortunately, Malini appears with her wicked intentions to harm imlie, showing she has an abounded daughter named Gudiya who is Aditya’s daughter. Well, as always she accomplishes in her plans and this time she plans on hurting imlie in front of Aryan and imlie had a miscarriage. Aryan and imlie blame eachother for the loss. Imlie takes Gudiy and leaves.

5 years have passed, imlie raises Gudiya and names her Chini. She is living in her village living with her mother and pursuing her career as a journalist and Malini who is a part of Bhaskar Times takes advantage of Aryan’s anger towards Imlie. Imlie defends her village in that case and in order to solve the issue Aryan visits the village and with the help of Cheeni both reunite and imlie gives birth to a daughter. Malini sets a bomb in the house, along with Aryan and Imlie 3 dies in the blast. And their daughter has been given the name of Imlie’ in memory of her mother.

20 years later: Imlie Season 2 Star Plus

Well, the second part is on air, 20 years have passed.  Imlie and Chini are grown up. Imlie is an innocent girl like her mother but Cheeni is playing her role as a very cunning, selfish and evil girl like her mother Malini. Chini wishes to take all the property from Imlie on her name. Imlie deeply loves her sister cheeni. But the suspense is still not disclosed…

Will the past repeat itself … as Imlie & Malini have become each other rivalries. Or imlie and Cheeni end up as good daughters of Imlie. 

Karan Vohra is playing the role of Atharva Rana who is a musician. Both Imlie and Cheeni will fall in love with Atharva and there thus begins the twisted love story of this triangle.   

The three crosses their ways, Atharva falls in love with Cheeni but Imlie’s manners and her intentions impress him and his family. And in love, Rana’s family asks for Imlie’s hand for their Atharva… who has already confessed his love for chini, and like her mother, she is a selfish girl who fakes her love for him in order to get his property. Though her plans of marrying him don’t work, she starts manipulating him against Imlie. And to get his revenge and to get the rights of Cheeni, he marries Imlie. 

Well in the recent episodes of imlie, Chini escapes from Atharva’s office but Imlie saves her husband’s instruments from the fire and risks her life for his happiness. Arpita and Rupali are the ones who are trying their best to bring Atharva and Imlie closer despite their differences.  

Imlie (इमली) Hindi Tv Serial TRP and FMN rating Rank:

The drama is all set to entertain the audience with its great story, drama, action, and romance. What will Imlie do in return is not yet predictable. And by nature, Imlie totally is the shadow of her mother,  she is not easily gonna give up on her husband and love life. How will Imlie bring the truth in front of Atharva and leaves her sister…to find out must watch all the daily episodes of Imlie drama serial. In the Indian entertainment industry Hindi Tv serials TRP and FMN rating charts…imlie has blown the set of Star Plus, Imlie serial has been in the Top 5 Tv shows every week since 2022, with 2.3 TRP.   

Imlie Show Cast/ Real Name, Age, Role Played & Photo:

Sumbul Touqeer Khan

Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Imlie, Real age17 Years old.
Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Imlie, Real age17 Years old.

Fahmaan Khan

Fahmaan Khan as Aryan, age 32 years.
Fahmaan Khan as Aryan, age 32 years.

Gashmeer Mahajani

Gashmeer Mahajani, wife Imlie, Real age 37 years, Instagram.
Gashmeer Mahajani, wife Imlie, Real age 37 years, Instagram.

Mayuri Deshmukh

Mayuri Deshmukh, husband Gashmeer Mahajani, Real age 30 years old. Instagram
Mayuri Deshmukh, husband Gashmeer Mahajani, Real age 30 years old. Instagram

Megha Chakraborty

Megha Chakraborty, husband Imlie Karan Vohra, Real age 31 years, Instagram.
Megha Chakraborty, husband Imlie Karan Vohra, Real age 31 years, Instagram.

Karan Vohra

Karan Vohra as Atharva Rana, wife imlie as Megha Chakraborty Real age 33 Years old. Instagram
Karan Vohra as Atharva Rana, wife imlie as Megha Chakraborty, Real age 33 Years old. Instagram.

Seerat Kapoor

Seerat Kapoor, girlfriend Karan Vohra as Chini, Real age 29 years old.
Seerat Kapoor, girlfriend Karan Vohra as Chini, Real age 29 years old.


Imlie TV Show on Star Plus Details:इमली

Television Show  Imlie (इमली)
Main Star Cast                                                  Sumbul Khan
Fahmaan khan
Gashmeer Mahajani
Mayuri Deshmukh
Seerat Kapoor
Megha Chakraborty
Karan Vohra
Country                                          India
Language                                       Hindi
Network                                         Star Plus
Channel                                          Hotstar, Apne Tv
Release Date & Timing    
16th November 2022, 9:30 Am
Recurring Cast Bobby Parvez
Chaitrali Gupte
Jitendra Bohara
Hetal Yadav
Saumya Saraswat
Kiran Khoje
Riyansh Dabhi
Meena Naithani
Vijay Kumar
Rajshri Rani
Neetu Pandey
Indraneel Bhattacharya
Jyoti Gauba
Piloo Vidyarthi
Chandresh Singh
Ritu Chaudhary
Preet Kaur Nayak
Tasheen Shah

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